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Diving on Mana Island: Explore Fiji's Underwater Paradise

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Mana Island is frequently referred to as one of Fiji`s diving hotspots. Why? The island is home to world-class aquatic landscapes – a vast variety of marine life, pristine coral reefs, and crystal-clear, temperate waters are only the beginning to your underwater adventure!   Regardless of your age and ability level, Ratu Kini`s professional PADI-qualified instructors are happy to assist you with learning new tricks. They believe that the best learning comes from an experience that is fun, easy, and most importantly, safe. Ratu Kini`s divers are qualified to take you to a range of depths and train you for multi-purpose diving.   They`re also experts on the best diving locations depending on whether you`re searching for colourful corals, graceful turtles, or schools of tropical fish. If you`re feeling particularly brave, there are a number of sites where you can have a close encounter with sharks, stingrays and other big fish.   With over 20 stunning dive sites situated on and around Mana Island, even the most experienced divers will be awestruck by the sheer variety of options offered.   At the end of your sensational day in Fiji`s finest waters, you can get your land legs back while you relax at the Ratu Kini resort. To make your undersea experience even sweeter, Ratu Kini has made all-in-one package deals available for divers – including transport, accommodation, meals, dive equipment hire, and up to three dives per day.   Plunge headfirst into the best Fiji diving adventure you will ever have by visiting Ratu Kini on Mana Island.