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Dive Courses and Rates


Discover Scuba Diving Course - An opportunity for first timers to explore Fiji's beautiful underwater world.

Our fully qualified PADI Instructors will provide thorough lessons on the basics of diving in shallow water. Then it's off for a dive on a beautiful coral reef surrounded by thousands of colorful tropical reef fish.

On completing the course, you are awarded an internationally recognized certificate that will credit you towards a full PADI Dive Course. It's SAFE, it's EASY and A LOT OF FUN!!!!...only $210.(approx. 138 AUD)

PADI SCUBA Diver Course..$600 (Approx. 395 AUD)
Gain an internationally recognized license to dive to 12m/40ft under professional supervision in as little as three days. ( Allow for 18 hours after your last dive before your flight home)

PADI Open Water Diver Course...$850 (approx. 559 AUD)
PADI Open Water Diver Course is the world's most sought after diver certification. It can be completed in a minimum of four days and gains you an internationally recognized qualification to dive to 18m/60ft without supervision. Very Important: You must allow for 18 hours after your last dive before your flight home. To take the course, please fill out this forms before you arrive, to ensure that you are eligible to take the course,

PADI Adventure Diver Course..$600 (Approx. 395 AUD)
For adventure and excitement, have a go at : Night Dives, Deep Dives, Wreck Dives, Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery etc. The Adventure Diver Course includes any three adventure dives and can be completed in as little as one day. ( Allow for 18 hours after your last dive before your flight home)

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course
...$750 (Approx. 494 AUD)
The Advanced Open Water Diver Course (like the Adventure Diver Course) opens up new avenues to you as a diver. You will complete a Deep Dive and an Underwater Navigation Dive as well as three other adventure dives. Choose from: Night, Wreck, Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery, Multi-level, Fish ID, Boat Diving, Underwater Naturalist and Drift Diving. The course takes 2 full days.(Allow for 18 hours after your last dive before your flight home)

PADI Rescue Diver Course ....$800 (approx. 526 AUD)
Become a safer diver and learn how to help others too. The PADI Rescue Diver Course covers topics and skills such as: Self Rescue, Assisting Tired and Panicked Divers, In Water Resuscitation, Managing Emergencies and First Aid for Dive Related Injuries. The course takes 3-4 days. (Allow for 18 hours after your last dive before your flight home)

There is a pre-requisite : First Aid Certification ( within the last 2 year and a copy of the certificate).Failing that, you may do the certification with us.

Emergency First Response (CPR & First Aid),,,,$300 (approx. 198 AUD)
We all hope that we will never need the skills learnt in this course. But when you do, it's good to feel confident about your ability to help others. The course covers Primary Care (Life threatening injuries and illnesses) and Secondary Care (Non - life threatening injuries and illnesses) a full day course.

Contact us about our Dive Internship programme. A 4 week training and working with our dive professionals. The program includes your accommodation, meals, and your divemaster course. You will need to complete your Rescue, EFR, Advance Open Water courses, and 40 logged dives before you start the program.

PADI Instructor Courses
For further information on PADI Instructor Level Courses.  Please Contact us.

PADI Specialty Courses
We offer a full range of PADI Specialty Courses for those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills of diving. These includes Deep, Wreck, Drift, and Photography etc.

Fun Divers Rates

1 Tank dive......................$120 ($80 AUD approx.)

2 Tank dives....................$230 ($151 AUD approx.)

3 Tank dives....................$330 ($217 AUD approx.)

4 Tank dives....................$420 ($277 AUD approx.)

5 Tank dives....................$510 (336 AUD approx.)

6 Tank dives....................$600 ($395 AUD approx.)

8 Tank dives....................$760 ($500 AUD approx.)

10 Tank dives..................$900 ($593 AUD approx.)

Please note: all dives are boat dives weather conditions permitting, and Namotu passage, Plantation Pinnicle and SS Salmanda wreck dives are an additional $20 per diver. All prices are in Fijian Dollars (see current exchange rates for update pricing). Fun dives and Dive  Courses can be booked under 'Services' when you book your accommodation.

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