About Us

The Resort on Mana Island

Mana Island has been a world renown tourist destination in the Mamanuca group for over 40 years. Ratu Kini Dive Resort offers a great range of accommodation, PADI diving, restaurant and bar, fishing, island hopping, hiking, trips to the world famous Cloud 9 and much much more to make for a memorable holiday for travelers.

The resort beaches are well protected by the Mana lagoon, so guests can enjoy the beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling and diving right in front of the resort without too much disturbance from the open seas.

In the midst of other luxury resorts in the area, Ratu Kini Dive Resort enjoys all the amenities, transportation, beaches, dive sites, and other beautiful features of the Mamanuca group but on a reasonable budget.

Mana Island is by far the most practical island for a resort, as it is sheltered from the prevailing winds, enclosed lagoon, small enough to walk around in 3 hours and big enough to enjoy some private getaway from the rest of the tourists.

The island has 2 other luxury resorts, a backpacker accommodation, a school and a church that is attended by the villagers that are retired or working at these resorts.

Very important to note that other resorts do have some restrictions about non guest entering their property, please inquire at the reception.

Hope you will enjoy the Magical Mana Island!